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Is Exercise Required at Dr. Skinny?

At Dr. Skinny our unique weight loss system has been specifically designed to allow you to enjoy 3 healthy meals and a mid-day snack without exercising. We advise you to do no more than 15 or 20 minutes of walking if you so choose. Any Exercise above or beyond that could significantly increase your caloric needs and interfere with the efficacy of the Dr. Skinny Rapid Weight Loss System. Our system is literally “NO SWEAT!”

Do I Need To Starve Myself?

At Dr. Skinny rapid weight loss spa our clients get to enjoy 3 healthy meals and a mid-day snack while burning fat. Alot of our system’s  success can be contributed to your not having to struggle with daily hunger. We believe you should look and feel great as you move towards your ideal weight. We’ve made it comfortable and easy for you!

Is There Surgery Involved?

Individuals have the ability to lose well over a hundred pounds with ease using our weight loss system. Correcting negative thought and habit patterns related to food, eating, and self perception is extremely effective and far less invasive than surgically reducing the size of a weight loss clients stomach. Our physician directed weight loss system provides our clients with an safe, easy , and highly effective way to lose the weight!

Do I Need Any Injections?

The Doctor Skinny rapid weight loss spa is not a fad diet, a new pill, or the latest potion. We also don’t need to rely on invasive surgeries or painful injections to achieve such incredible results. The Doctor Skinny method addresses the main underlying causes of weight gain and obesity resulting in a safe, fast, and effective weight loss experience that is enjoyable and ultimately easier to keep off. Come talk to one of our Doctors and we’ll show you how!


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